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-Single-day VIP passes cost just for adults and for youths.-Call the UCF Ticket Office at (407) UCF-1000 to place your order.How far away do you have to go before it becomes travel? Journeying to strange places is a quick and easy hit to shake up your consciousness, but in the end, no matter where you go, it’s contingent upon you to actually, well, make the leap.It is with this thought that I find myself one bright summer Saturday morning in East Troy, Wisconsin, a quick drive from downtown Milwaukee, preparing to face my fear and jump out of a perfectly good airplane.Additional details will be announced over the next several weeks. 17, Cowboy Mouth will take the stage for yet another must-see show on campus.-Similar to the UCFastival in April, passes will be available for purchase for an exclusive VIP area.Friday night, p.m.: It’s time for my young son to go to bed, and we’re lying together and looking at the map app on my i Phone. “But we are there,” I tell him, “That little blinking dot is us.” “No,” he insists, “I want to go there,” and taps the screen to make sure I understand.“There we are,” I say, pointing to the blinking dot in the middle of the grid as the GPS shows us our current location, a tiny blue ripple lost in the patchwork puzzle of Southeastern Wisconsin. Saturday morning, a.m.: it’s time for my first skydive, and I am standing at the open door of a small light plane approximately 13,500 feet above the ground, my toes over the edge of the threshold and my heart beating a mile a minute. The heart and soul of travel really has nothing to do with distance, and more to do with exploration.

-A season pass for the VIP section is only 0 for adults and 0 for youths.In sharp contrast to any surfer I’ve ever met, however, they were ferociously disciplined about their sport. They were still drilling when I left to do my first jump.I sat in on a class for novice skydivers who were aspiring to do solo jumps, and the instructor drilled them for more than an hour on the simple act of pulling the ripcord. First of all, you don’t have to really do any training if you want to keep things simple and be able to concentrate on enjoying your experience.He's tempted out of his imposed retirement by Elaine, who is looking for her kidnapped fiancé.She appears to be the classic damsel in distress, but turns out to have a big secret to hide.

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