Bikini girls on dinosaur planet tube

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One can only imagine the Toilet Duck of commercials past is mobilizing an army of duck weapons to take down this threat to toilets everywhere. NET, I shall be documenting the length of the sex scenes, because most of them aren’t interesting enough to pay attention to besides that.

Unfortunately, Toilet Duck seems to have been replaced by a CGI monstrosity! The basic plot is prehistoric lesbians do some lesbian things, while watched by space lesbians. Now, I am not knocking the acting talents of the four ladies who play cavewomen, but as none of them speak anything besides repeating “Oook” and “caca” over and over, there isn’t much dialogue in the film.

The disgraced couple find themselves battling a coterie of various creatures.

Vera is a cab driver who has been saving up for years to buy a house and settle on No Man-s Island in the Pacific and eventually escape from the world in which she lives. See full summary » Haunted by recurring dreams of Hea-Thor (Denise Ames), a gorgeous cavegirl,and a menacing Allosaurus, action-movie star Tony Markham (Jeff Rector) soon finds himself transported, by means ...

Vampire Vixens and That 70’s Girl both had a minimum of plot and a maximum of lengthy sex scenes that became uninteresting.

Sie beobachten die dort lebenden Frauen, die Männer so gar nicht leiden können und sich lieber lesbischen Aktivitäten hingeben.

See full summary » In 1692 Salem an accused witch (Beverly Lynne) is rescued at the last moment by the Sisterhood of Witches and transported to the modern day where she assume the life of a Plain Jane ...

The prison is run by a corrupt warden and a butch-lesbian head guard, and the ...

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