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Here, Traister discusses what women get up to when they aren’t absorbed with wifely duties. I started thinking about this book in the weeks before I got married, when I was 35.

It wasn’t some swan song to my single years—it was more of a meditation on this thing I was about to do.

‘During writing the Cliveden book,’ says a friend, ‘she loved discovering that Nancy Astor would bite into an apple to distract her from the distasteful business of sex Gillian Anderson (right) hobbled to the Baftas in London, and 24 hours later she was at New York’s Webby awards.

The best actress award she received for her role in TV series The Fall was presented by her X-Files co-star, David Duchovny The best actress award she received for her role in TV series The Fall was presented by her X-Files co-star, David Duchovny, who refused to be upstaged as he nursed an injured left arm — cause unknown — in a black sling.

Step-mom to two teenaged girls, she is the creator of the popular magazines along with several other national publications, and is the recipient of the Options for Sexual Health’s Educator of the Year Award.

In 2011, Saleema also received the YWCA Vancouver’s Women of Distinction Connecting the Community Award and was nominated for the Order of British Columbia in 2015.

This is the ultimate guide to teaching children about sexual health and is ideal for educators and parents alike.

Saleema Noon earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Family Sciences at UBC.

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Numerous victims' rights groups operate to improve the treatment of victims.

Laws may also prohibit defence lawyers from obtaining a victim's medical, psychiatric or therapeutic records.

Statutory rape laws set the age of legal consent for sexual activity and prohibits perpetrators from alleging the victim consented to the activity.

The word spinster might seem like a metaphorical dumping ground for all unmarried ladies, but back in colonial times, it referred to a very specific group: single women between 23 and 26 years old.

Advance past that age without a ring and you became a “spiky thornback”—a bottom-dwelling fish that happens to be the only member of its genus.

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