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culture centered around values like inclusion and experimentation helps employees achieve their full potential.If your company provides the theater to play this out, it should logically lead to company success.The man I’ve been seeing isn’t my boss and I’m not his, but we do work pretty closely together on a lot of projects (which is how our relationship bloomed).We’ve been seeing each other for a little over a month.Companies focus on their business objectives and, when it comes to people practices, they often prioritize basics such as pay and physical workspace, evidenced by exploding compensation in the tech industry, free food, and the prevalence of toys and games present in the workplace. Doesn’t it make more sense to invest in dialogue to understand the expected behavior behind these umbrella words?When many companies talk about culture and values, words like ‘stewardship’, ‘diversity’, ‘good citizenship’, ‘teamwork’, ‘personal accountability’, etc. Individual safety and inclusion are topics that employers should actively surface, and inclusion practices need to be continuously checked and not assumed.

(It later reversed the decision.) Even then, though, surveys showed half of us have had an office fling; and today, a whopping The shameful holiday-party hookup is no longer the primary association with intra-office romance. In some industries, the open business and romantic partnership is even I concede that meeting someone at work makes logical sense.It’s important to keep your at-work relationship as professional as possible: unless you’re at lunch or in a group setting, try to limit the non-work related smalltalk to after hours.You’re crazy about each other, but aren’t allowed to openly express it when you’re at work together: clearly, this is the recipe for some insane sexual tension.I’m not sure where it’s going but if we continue to date, it might be hard to continue to keep it a secret.We both really like each other so we don’t want to break up, and we’re always professional in the office.

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