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A ban of this kind might actually increase sexual frustration and lead to other sexual and social problems,” warned Dr Madhuri Singh, consulting psychiatrist at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital in Mumbai.The experts, however, feel that when it comes to child pornography, prompt action is required.As the song continues, the couple enters a hotel room and starts to kiss.The music ends and is replaced by an electronic remix of the same song.It's hardly a secret that several of the city's cell phone repair shops and SIM card kiosks that flaunt a computer, stock smut in secret folders marked by gibberish names. "They say, "Zara woh waale movies daal dena'." Which brings you to the rules of the mobile-porn-off-the-street universe.A blunt demand for a blue film clip will send shopkeepers into a shell.

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Seconds later, head down, he's back to reviving a dead smartphone. It's Rs 400 for 16GB - the same price as that for loading your phone with the latest Bollywood and Hollywood films - of a "collection" that includes foreign porn, and bestiality videos.A young couple wanders hand-in-hand through an upscale neighborhood in an unidentified, European-looking city on a cloudy day. The woman, light-skinned and clearly of Indian descent, wears a red peacoat that matches the bindi on her forehead; the guy, Caucasian, is in a black suit.They share adoring looks as they sit on park benches and gaze out at the neighborhood buildings.Filmy Fantasy specializes in, as its CEO and founder Krsna Kumar puts it, “Merging two of the most popular concepts in India: Bollywood and porn.” Bollywood, India’s most prominent film industry, is notoriously prudish, and India’s Central Board of Film Certification censors or bans “scenes showing sexual perversions” — a term that’s liberally applied to depictions of nudity, kissing and female sexuality in both domestic and imported films.All of which leaves millions of fans in India starved for more skin than they get in theaters and makes Filmy Fantasy’s business strategy — adding explicit sex to wildly popular Bollywood scenes — can’t-miss.

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