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Shomer Negiah – meaning guarding against touching the opposite sex - implies that physical contact between the sexes is some sort of Chumra.

That according to the strict letter of the law, it is completely permitted. With the exception of parents (and according to many opinions siblings), it is against Halacha for men and women to have any physical contact with each other unless they are married.

I call it “Shomer Ahavah.” What this concept means is this: I am not Shomer Negiah, and I am also not NOT Shomer Negiah.

It’s not about physical touch anymore, because the focus is no longer getting some quick play and getting one’s rocks off.

Speaking about the Orthodox approach to gender relations has been on my mind, but before, I’ve balked, because it’s messy coming from a dual background.

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With no one to discuss the experience with, Logan grew confused and retreated into his religion, becoming shomer negiah, meaning he wouldn’t even shake the hand of anyone of the opposite sex (immediate family excluded) and wouldn’t have another sexual experience until marriage. Over the course of that month, Logan contacted as many women on the site as possible—a number he estimates to be between 300 and 500—and then steered those conversations to an alternate email account. I enjoy some variety.” Pretty soon naked pictures were flooding his inbox, as prospective sugar babies vied for Logan’s attention—and his fake bank account. Logan pauses on a topless photograph of an attractive 20-something. As soon as you’re done, your job is to move on.” Logan’s real name is not Logan, of course.But Logan is the name that he provides to women when he meets them online, on websites like Plentyof Fish and Seeking-Arrangement—the dating service famous for connecting “sugar daddies” and “sugar babies.” Whatever else he tells them depends on his perception of what each woman needs to hear to part with her underpants.I hand my guest a glass of bourbon, join him on the sofa. Logan has just worked another 12-hour shift at the Brooklyn hospital where he is finishing out the clinical rotations of his fourth and final year of medical school—though he looks no worse for wear: bright eyes, knit tie, khakis. “It makes sense to me, as a science guy,” Logan explains.Perhaps to make up for my lack of nudity, Logan begins scrolling through his i Phone, showing me samples of the naked photographs and pornographic videos he has received from literally hundreds of women. “Your goal evolutionarily is to spill your seed in as many women as possible.

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