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The cameras linger on her arms-up final pose longer than the spin itself. The experts agree: If a female figure skater can be extremely graceful, she doesn’t need to be extremely gifted at anything else.As Gracie began her short program last night, commentator Sandra Bezic (a former pairs skater) remarked that Gracie looked “like the figure skater figurine in a jewel box.” Retired Olympian Apolo Ohno, who filmed a fluff piece with Gracie which aired last night, said he was impressed with the way Gracie “seemed so well-polished” on her first trip to the Games—a description that brings to mind the medals more than the athletes who will win them. Plus, Tom Perry from, the preservation authority, talks about a listener question regarding audio for interviews. David: Yeah back in 1841, Alexander Young published a book in Boston containing a letter from Pilgrim Edward Winslow. “Our harvest being gotten in, our governor sent four men on fowling that we might after more a special manner rejoice together. Apparently if you’re a pigeon, you’ve heard the term pigeon hole and putting things away. Of course you know birds will store away any piece of straw or string and what not, and build a nest to keep their chicks warm. I have very few things that belonged to him for his service, including a postcard and a couple of photographs. So all this sequencing data has been published lately and so now we’re really able to pinpoint exactly where the Neanderthal ancestry is.And you’ll be interested in hearing what the journey’s been all about for him. On the right hand side you’ve got all the different reports that we offer. Tom: [Laughs] Fisher: And [laughs] he is our Preservation Authority from Tom: Well, now that my secret’s out, not very well. He’s got it all soundproofed, but it doesn’t much matter if the camera’s getting the vibration into the internal microphone. He’s reducing a lot of problems, but just like anything, the weakest link is going to be your problem.She was, Bob Costas agreed, “a very appealing young woman”; to Scott Hamilton, also commentating on the ladies' skating short program last night, Gracie was, simply, “everything you want in a ladies champion skater.”Ladies' figure skating is unique among Olympic sports in many ways, but perhaps most notably in how willing its audiences are to cheer for a competitor they have never previously watched perform: One winning smile is enough to convince them that its owner deserves to triumph.This season marks only the second year Gracie has spent competing at the Olympic and World Championship level—compare her record to that of the now somewhat image-challenged Ashley Wagner, who marks her seventh season this year.He has been the face of short track in the United States since winning his medals at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

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Whether or not you've spit in a cup yet, you're going to want to know where this exciting field is going. Tom is going to save you a lot of heartache and errors! That's all this week on Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show! I wanted to share a little story with you and wanted people to know, the first leftovers actually probably occurred during the first Thanksgiving. There were many of the Indians coming amongst us, and among the rest the greatest king Massasoit were some 90 men for whom three days we entertained and feasted.” Basically what you’re caring about is a Thanksgiving that lasted for days. Well in Russia, in a Catholic cathedral, in the Cathedral of Assumption in Zelenograd, 40 miles west of Moscow, they have found scraps of paper that had been put away in nests from birds since the 19 century. In this roof that they were redoing in this 15 century cathedral, they found fragments of letters dating back to the 1830’s records that was written in calligraphy from the 1820s to ‘50s and these are all torn apart by birds. If I was there, I’d probably want to bring back some sort of a souvenir you know, like maybe a German cannon. And show you exactly, you know, on a chromosome 1 chromosome 2 exactly where to find it.Ohno later became host of a revival of Minute to Win It on Game Show Network and served as a commentator for NBC's coverage of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.As he grew older, his father became concerned his son would become a latchkey kid, so he got his son involved with competitive swimming and quad-speed roller skating at age 6.Hey papi Even if they don't understand the flow They understand the dough My ladies going (Hey papi) Promise you'll never let me go Promise you'll never leave me Promise we'll grow, they goin/sayin Collapse Source OMG my husband is praising my .... The show starts tonight , who are you all rooting for? Also I don't understand why the fuck Bristol Palin is back on this damn show , I hope that she gets eliminated right after they announce Obama's victory on election day tbh!!

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