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Spruce's dating profile says he is a "non-smoker with an athletic body type, under 5ft", whose likes include "seafood and swimming" and his favourite bands are "Reel Big Fish and Noah and the Whale".

Spruce, a 1-year-old Humboldt penguin, has been unable to find a mate among the 13 other penguins at his home in the Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park, reports.

Park staff say that the other penguins in Spruce's group are either male or coupled up.

So they created a profile for him, hoping to draw attention from other penguin care facilities who might be willing to send a lady for Spruce.

Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park/Plenty of Fish' data-credit-provider="custom type" data-caption="Ladies, meet Spruce." title="Ladies, meet Spruce." src=" DIM7p14As GT1j Ng CZ9e X-1Uk=/fit-in/1200x9600/" alt="Ladies, meet Spruce." data-fragment="m!

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