Updating bios in linux who is serinda swan dating

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there is not good reason why i should update the bios now .

I thought it might help in recognizing the graphic card since Ubuntu does not! I agree that Mitch's recommendations seem to be the best way out.

In this article, I'll walk through my recent firmware update on Linux, and I'll share a few recommendations based on that experience.

In the consumer/prosumer landscape there has been a shift toward UEFI-based systems for desktops and laptops, and along the way many manufacturers appear to have removed the option for the BIOS to update from a USB Stick.

I tried many time all the different graphic drivers supplied by ubuntu that can run 3D but none works . i found out that there is a similar card on the black list but not the same .

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Luckily most hardware manufacturers have started to provide bootable images for patching system firmware, and for enterprise-grade hardware they even provide Linux-ready tools. Should do all the updates or just do the newest one? I don't know about your laptop (this is why I don't write this as an answer), but with nearly all Asus desktop mainboards, you don't need any special program to flash the BIOS.In case we suffer from a BIOS bug that was resolved, and we need the BIOS to be upgraded we then need to know which OS is supported.Some manufacturers (I know Dell does for example) have alternative BIOS upgrade methods for Linux.However if Toshiba does not offer any Linux compatible options, your best bet is to: Thanks for the response .

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