Updating xbox 360 without xbox live cajun dating habits

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I brought over some games, including a few original xbox games, but the original xbox games don't work since the system hasn't been updated.

I'm going to burn a copy of the latest update to get the console up to speed, but I'd like some clarification before I go back and forth and burn extra DVDs. The last backwards compatibility update from November 2007...https:// For anyone that wants to know, I'm also getting the latest firmware update (9/17/2015) from here... Oh, interesting...

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a 49 GB download.

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I seem to recall them being separate, but if I can just install the latest firmware and have have everything work, that would be nice. Sorry for going on and on, but I feel like someone in the future might be doing his or her own research into this, and just might stumble onto this archive. For the record, I don't know which firmware she is currently running, but it can't be super old since it's got the current Windows 8-ish interface.

The Xbox Live setup steps depend on whether you’re already an Xbox Live member.

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So, my friend just got a used xbox 360 but doesn't have an internet connection.

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