Video chat bot

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The authors imagine that in the future, companies like Apple and Amazon will use technology like this to create video representations of their voice assistants, Siri and Alexa.The technology could also be used to create interactive avatars of the living — or the dead.The implementation joins semantic search engine and Virtual Advisor, which cooperate with each other.Chatbot Adam helps customers to find specialized products, such as valves with appropriate parameters.He answers questions and leads an interesting dialogue. Ewa explains customer's doubts regarding invoices, showing how to check your account and conversation balance.Anna is Virtual Assistant And Live Chat for e Gov & Council Services in Sroda Wlkp, Poland. The Virtual Assistant also informs you what you should do during an outage, how to top up your account, and knows the prices of services and promotions offered by the Company.

Researchers James Charles, Derek Magee, and David Hogg offered a proof of concept for what they call "a generative computational model of a person’s motion, appearance, speech, language and their style of interaction and behavior." After deconstructing all 236 episodes of using software, they created language models that were able to build new sentences and speech for Joey.A few weeks ago, I posted a quick tutorial on chatbots and offered to make a quick video demo. So, I put together a course on How to Make a Facebook Messenger Chatbot in 1 Day based on the Smart Notes Bot I am working on (Bot should be ready soon). If you need help with setting up the Server or a Sample Bot to play with, you can get it here: How to Make a Facebook Messenger Chatbot in 1 Day Creator of 10 bots, including Smart Notes Bot. Below are most of Videos associated with the Facebook Side of development.Zetkama is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial armature in Central and Eastern Europe.The solution implemented on it’s website is one of the most interesting Stanusch Technologies projects.

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