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Plus, he got points for being Australian and a musician. I even heard they went to couples counseling to keep their relationship going.

' golden god Billy Crudup endeared himself to women nowhere when in 2003, after nearly seven years together, he left long-time girlfriend Mary-Louise Parker while she was seven months pregnant with the couples' first child.

“That will be interesting to see her within that context; to see her in a relationship, to see her committed to her child, to have friends.

[laughs] We really have never seen her be relatively normal and social.”Stiehm pushed for a consummation between Carrie and Quinn for seasons, and fans of the pair finally got a long-awaited kiss between the two in the Season 4 finale.

And if I was, I would have cashed that favor in for Ethan Hawke (1990s Ethan, that is) OR Leonardo.

But the fact that Lee was kind of goofy looking just made me think Claire Danes was so not shallow.

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